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Yes, this is a real park -
or at least it will be soon.

Happy Birthday Ryan,
and welcome to...

The Park

Parks & Wrex are delighted to introduce the soon to be renamed Ryan Rodney Reynolds Memorial Park. This community space located in the heart of Wrexham will be a place for the public to gather, grow, and play. Working in close partnership with Wrexham County Borough Council, we’re beautifying the park in the coming months to be a reflection of the spirit of Wrexham and Wales.

And we’re renaming it. Probably something Welsh, not Canadian.


The History

The Ryan Rodney Reynolds Memorial stands with big shoes to fill at Henblas Street. The lot first served as a community staple as The Public Hall and Corn Exchange in 1873 until 1906. As corn interest decreased, the lot then served as the Wrexham Hippodrome in 1909, bringing theater and cinema to the people of Wrexham, until 2008. Today, the park's green charm brings a breath of fresh air to this historic lot and looks forward to serving its community for another 150 more years.

Detailed Timeline


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  • Is this park real?
    Yes! More precisely, it will be. We’re actively developing the park. We’ll share updates here as we make progress.
  • Why a park?
    In a word: community. Public outdoor spaces like parks foster cultural, communal, and creative activities.
  • Can I visit?
    Of course! Just head to Henblas Street, Wrexham, LL13 8AE. And while you are there, visit some of the wonderful businesses in Wrexham’s Town Centre.
  • Are you really renaming the park?
    Absolutely. More details to come how you can get involved.
  • How can I support the park now?
    You can visit our Gift Shop, powered by our partners at VistaPrint. All net proceeds from the store will be used for the development of the park space and local community. Also, you can support the Special Olympics because its Global Ambassador Chris Pratt was kind enough to help surprise Ryan.  


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